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OtroTango : argentinian tango in Paris

Based in Paris, Valérie Onnis and Daniel Darius created together the Compagnie Argos/OtroTango. They are dedicated to teaching Argentine tango and creating shows, drawn from the world of this dance. As developed in the presentation of the two tango dancer-choreographers, it was in Buenos Aires that Daniel Darius and Valérie Onnis received their training from various Argentine masters of different generations and styles.

These encounters with these great tango personalities enabled them not to confine themselves to a single style. They aspire to remain open to different style and aesthetic influences. This openness makes it possible to constantly evolve and enrich both their dance and their pedagogy. Their tango is full of poetry, of great sensitivity. He gives pride of place to this meeting to be constantly re-invented between the two partners.

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Show creation

Since 2007, Valérie Onnis and Daniel Darius have multiplied their trips to Buenos Aires, in order to collect impressions, images, sounds and anecdotes. These materials feed the creation of their live art shows and cinematographic short films, around the world of tango.

In their staging, they combine the search for the origins of this dance with contemporary sound, choreographic and scenographic constructions. Their tango shows, "L'Après", "Quand ton coeur sera blême", and "De Otoño..." are tango creations that take their distance or play with the traditional genre of the tango show. They have been presented in various theaters in Paris, and are on tour in France and Germany.

teaching of tango

Inspired by dance pedagogy (classical and contemporary) and body practices (such as yoga, Feldenkrais), they give Argentine tango lessons together in Paris. And internships in France and at international tango festivals.

In their classes and workshops, they combine the learning of tango figures with deep work on the fundamentals of dance, adapted to the basics of tango. It is the sensitive listening to movement, to the other and to music that are at the heart of their teaching.


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Valérie Onnis et Daniel Darius